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We are small documentary crew from Croatia and last year we produced the documentary series What's up America for Croatian public television. We are in prep for the second season and this time we are focused on big three cities in Europe Berlin, Paris and London. The idea is to show three capitals - three great Western European countries, from which ideas, inventions, achievements, monarchs, armies, artists come from. They often fought each other, but were also allies. Our journey by van is about 8,000 km - Strasbourg, Verdun, Omaha Beach, Berlin Wall, Dachau, Nuremberg and we are visiting places we teach our children in history lessons: from Wellington, Napoleon (200 years of death), 150 years of the German Reich proclaimed in Versailles, Churchill, Bismarck, Hitler... Also we are eager to show nowadays through amazing brands that exist today and are known to every one of the 8 billion people on the planet - Mercedes, BMW, VW, Rolls Royce, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Airbus, Bayer… And the question is: We know history, we read their philosophers and writers, watched movies, bought cars and perfumes… what are these cities, these three countries, these three nations today? Paris was the center of fine arts, cubism, fauvism, impressionism was born in it, today, they say, Berlin has become the main painting center of Europe? Berlin managed to rise from the ashes and how will history describe that Berlin upswing? The three big cities mentioned became multiethnic. How do you deal with that? Who is bothered by immigrants, and who is calling them? What do Berliners think of the English of London and the French of Paris and vice versa.


Croatian public television

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Sept. 17, 2021 - Sept. 29, 2021


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    Deux profils recherchés : journaliste / reporter et fixeur / assistant de production. Important pour les deux postes : parler anglais et avoir le statut d'auto-entrepreneur. Fixeur / assistant de production : 8 jours de travail à Paris + 1 jour de préparation Autorisations et permis de tournage, logistique, organisation des interviews. Journaliste / reporter : 3 jours de travail. Trouver et raconter des histoires sur Paris, par exemple : présenter un quartier / lieu insolite, inconnu des touristes. Aisance face caméra. TJM : à discuter autour de 300 euros.